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How we are making a difference

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

The Orlando Regional REALTOR® Foundation (ORRF) had an incredible year in 2021. Its mission is to improve overall quality of life and make home ownership a possibility through the development of affordable homes, education, and community engagement. ORRF’s programs focus on three main areas including affordable housing, housing instability, and food insecurity.

Affordable Housing

ORRF works to build & sell homes at a price that is affordable for low to moderate income families by subsidizing the high costs of development and construction.

ORRF is proud to announce its next affordable housing project is underway and in the preconstruction phase. Two homes should be completed in late 2022.

These homes will be affordable for the long term through the Central Florida Regional Land Trust so anyone who buys these homes in future years will also benefit.

Housing Instability

ORRF works to help residents by connecting them with resources that may help them remain stably housed or put them on the pathway to homeownership.

When someone is struggling to pay for their home, things like giving gifts to their kids are often not a possibility.

This holiday season, ORRF Partnered with the Sam Jackson Foundation to purchase gifts for children in need. This effort resulted in 322 gifts for 76 children!

ORRF also maximized its community resources by working with several organizations to help keep people stably housed.

Food Insecurity

ORRF supports local food pantries, safety net programs, and helps neighborhoods create or revitalize community gardens to improve access to fresh fruits & vegetables.

ORRF completed three community garden projects this year! Earlier this year, volunteers recreated the Parramore Community Garden, built a new garden for a transitional housing community, and is in the final stages of revitalizing and expanding the Apopka Billie Dean Community Garden.

Dozens of REALTOR® volunteers joined forces to pack and donate 10,584 meals to Central Floridians in need.

Donate Today

Your support makes a huge difference in the community. On average, $.95 of every dollar donated to the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Foundation goes directly to program costs.

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