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FUNDING PRIORITIES: The Orlando Regional REALTOR® Foundation’s (ORRF) funding priorities include three key areas:

  1. Affordable Housing

  2. Housing Instability

  3. Food Insecurity

Funding request must address one of these three components to be considered for ORRF’s financial support. Requests not meeting the criteria will not be considered.    


The maximum funding request is $5,000. Any funding request over that amount is by invitation only. Letters of intent for requests over $5,000 can be sent to Letters of intent will be reviewed within 90 days and if the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Foundation is interested, it will send an invitation to apply for funding. An invitation to submit does not guarantee acceptance.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a 501(c)(3) in good standing or be part of the public school system

  • Support Orange and/or Seminole Counties


REQUEST FOR FUNDS: Nonprofit organizations may request funds by completing and submitting the following online request form.  Requests will be reviewed, and applicants notified of their status within 90 days.  All requests must go through the full review process. Events and programs that have already taken place will not be considered.


FOLLOW UP REPORTING REQUIRED: All organizations receiving funding will be required to send a follow up report within 30 days of the event or program ending date. Funding will not be granted in the future to entities that have failed to provide follow up documentation.  


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